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Terms of use

Below is the detailed list of our website's Terms and Conditions (s). It is critical that you are fully cognizant and in complete agreement with these conditions if using Celphin Incorporations website (s).

Kindly please read our terms and conditions before and after using Celphin Incorporations website(s). The regulations in using Celphin Incorporations website (s) are completely included in these terms and conditions, https://celphin.com.


Celphin Incorporations owns, manages, and controls the website (https://celphin.com) independently without any third-party interference. Safetrust Innovations Limited is a major shareholder and a holding firm of the Safetrust Innovations trading platform, whereby the detailed information about these firms is on the website. Reach out to us for more information https://celphin.com . Confirm that by using our website, you must have read and agreed to the terms and conditions of all our services. Notably, it may require you not to use our site if you have not fully read and understood the comprehensive list of these terms.
If you continue to use the website, it simply means that you are aware and you accept all the required Celphin Incorporations information communicated to you via the universal language (English). Moreover, by consequently using the website, you agree and accept that all the detailed information given to you through the online channel is authentic and directly from the website. We hold no responsibility if the supposed information provided to you was through a phishing link. Carefully ensure you are sourcing all Celphin Incorporations information from the appropriate website link: https://celphin.com.
When using our site, you must also abide by the following terms of use:
The conditions under which we process any personal data that is provided to us by you are outlined in our privacy policy, which is available Here. By using the Celphin Incorporations website, you agree to the methods of data processing and ensure that all information you provide is valid. Information about the cookies on our website may be found in our Cookie Disclosure Notice, which is located in this same document. You may also see our user's agreement and other users' legal documents there.
Kindly note that these terms and conditions might change in the future. From time to time, we may update and upgrade the changes in these terms and conditions. Please review these terms each time you want to use our site to make sure you are aware of the current conditions that are in effect at that time. We have the utmost right to suspend or terminate the website from providing any operational services to our users. Ensure you’re aware of our terms and conditions before using our site.
The website is provided without cost. We make no promises as to the availability or continuity of our site's content or links. For operational, business, or other reasons, we reserve the right to temporarily stop, remove, or limit access to all or a segment of our website. Any suspension or withdrawal will attempt to provide you with adequate and prompt notice. The terms of use and any other terms and conditions that may be relevant must be made clear to anybody who accesses our website. The terms of use and any other terms and conditions that may be relevant must be made clear to anybody who accesses our website.
Our website is also not intended for delivery or use by anyone in any country or jurisdiction where such use is against the local rules or regulations of that country. The website may occasionally be partially or completely inaccessible to users in nations that frown upon our terms of use. Additionally, there may be situations where the website is accessible in nations where its use is restricted. In this instance, it is the visitor's obligation to confirm that the website conforms to any applicable local laws or rules. Also, we make no claims that the information on our website is suitable for use in the country or region from where it may be accessed.
All personal information must be protected. You must consider any account identification codes, secret phrases, passwords, as well as any other data that you choose or provide to us as highly confidential and a part of our security measures. Disclosing it to any third party exposes you to risk. If, in our reasonable view, you have violated any of the rules of these terms of use, we do have the authority to deactivate whatever user identification passcode you have selected or assigned by us at any time.
You must contact us immediately if you know or have a reason to believe that someone else knows your user identification passcode, personal data for account manipulations, your passwords, and any other information chosen by you or provided by us.
Here is how you may utilize information on the Celphin Incorporations website. All intellectual property rights, particularly copyrights, database rights, and trademarks, are owned by us or licensed by third parties. Therefore, any such right that does not pertain to us is, however, controlled by external parties, whose use of it has their authorization and is protected by international copyright laws and treaties. We include both general and user segments on our website. Users who have created accounts with Celphin Incorporations and are granted access to the users’ areas are the only people who can access the Celphin Incorporations trading platforms. You are not permitted to make any alterations to Celphin Incorporations published or saved documents, whether on a hard or soft copy, and you are not allowed to utilize any of the data or content on the website. You have no rights to any of the content on the Celphin Incorporations website, which is Celphin Incorporations intellectual property. You are not permitted to exploit any portion of our website content for business or any other reason. If anyone breaches our conditions of use by copying, transferring, or stealing any content from our website, Celphin Incorporations may take the appropriate legal proceedings. Use the Celphin Incorporations web information only as a guide. Basic information is made available on our website and it is not meant to serve as financial advice that you should act on. Before acting on the information on our website, kindly seek competent or specialized financial advice from professionals. Despite our utmost attempts to keep the content on our website updated, we cannot warrant that it is perfectly correct, complete, or current.

Guidelines for referencing our website.
You must not create a link to any kind of false agreement, acceptance, or recommendations by us. It is not permitted to insert a link to our website into another website or vice versa. Framing our site on another website and linking to any area of our site are not permitted. Any use of our domain name, in whole or in part, that is not licensed by Celphin Incorporations is strictly prohibited. In an attempt to link to or utilize any of the information on this website beyond what's described here, simply get in touch with us.
Our responsibilities for any damage you incure.
This covers our responsibility for fatalities or significant damage inflicted by our misconduct or the carelessness of our intermediaries, employees, or independent contractors. In cases where it would be against the law for us to do so in our jurisdiction, we can't eliminate or impair our responsibilities to you. Instead, we investigate possible measures to ensure you are compensated. Not withstanding, we will never be held liable for any loss or damage you may suffer as a result of simply using or accessing our website. We have highlighted that the content on the website is basic information but not financial advice to rely on. All externally assumed terms that might relate to this website are expressly disclaimed by us. Even if it is reasonably predictable, we will not be accountable to you for whatever damage results from or associated with the above, whether it's in agreement, particularly negligence, or breach of statutory requirement. You must not infect our website with viruses since we are not liable for them. We make no promises as to the security, bug-free nature, lack of viruses, or suitability for a particular purpose of our website. You are responsible for setting up your computer software, platform, and information technology to access our website. Make use of your virus scanner. You may not intentionally introduce malware, such as viruses or malware, to our website. You must not intentionally use our website for malicious or technologically damaging purposes by adding viruses, hacktivists, bugs, advanced persistent threats, or any other harmful software. It is forbidden for you to try to obtain unauthorized access to our website, the server where it is housed, or any other server, device, or database linked to our webpage. Neither distributed denial-of-service attacks nor denial-of-service attacks on our website are permitted. A criminal offense may be committed against you if you violate this clause, according to the law that is in effect. In the event of a breach, we shall notify the relevant law enforcement agencies and work with them by providing your identification to the authorities. Any such violation will result in the immediate termination of your ability to access our website. The content of this website is protected by copyright, database rights, trademark rights, and other intellectual property protections owned by us or by other parties, notably our licensors. Our site's content may or may not be marked with a mark. The absence of such a mark should not be interpreted as indicating that the brand, keyword, or information is not ours or another group's copyrights.
"Celphin Incorporations" and "Safetrust Innovations" have solely been registered by us. No attempt should be made to use these brand names without our authorization. Nothing about this site may be duplicated, modified, transferred to other private entities, connected, copied, or communicated in any way. All of the information on this website is also copyrighted. In particular, you should not use any terms that contain our keyword "Celphin Incorporations," either by itself or in combination with other letters or symbols. Therefore, you may not register or use any other domain names that are substantially equivalent to ours.
Possible Alterations.
Despite our utmost attempts to confirm the authenticity of the data on this website, it is still possible for things to improve without prior warning. By posting updated terms of this material, we retain the authority to alter these terms at any moment. The suitable edition would be the most current and updated one for our users to access.

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